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We are following rules of Hockey Québec and Hockey Canada. Below is an outline of important rules and those specifically made for the Canada Cup.​​


1. Players may play for one (1) team only.


2. A player must play in at least 1 preliminary game to be eligible for the semi-final or final.


3. Teams may replace a goaltender in the event of an injury or sickness only. All replacement goaltenders must be approved by the tournament committee.


4. Mandatory equipment: Helmet with a half visor or full visor. Neck protector recommended but not mandatory.


5. Slap shot are allowed in the tournament.


6. Two-line passes are permitted.


7. Icing. When the puck is shot from behind the defending blue line, icing is called the instant the puck crosses the goal line.


8. Minor penalty = 2 minutes, Major penalty = 5 minutes (stopped time). If a player receives 3 minor penalties or 1 major penalty, that player is automatically ejected from the game. If a player drops their gloves, the tournament committee will decide on the length of the suspension. Fighting will result in the ejection from the tournament.


9. Warm up 2 minutes, 3 periods of 13 minutes running time, 30 seconds intermission.
*The last 1 minute of every period is stopped time.
* A team that delays the game in an abusive manner to player changes may be awarded a penalty of 2 minutes.


10. Each Team is allowed one thirty (30) second time out per game


11. Ties after completion of round robin play will be broken in the  following order:

1- Most wins
2- Goals differential (goals for – goals against)
3- Less goals against
4- Most goals for
5- Draw


12. Overtime: A 5-on-5, 5 minutes (running time) sudden death, will determine ties in the semi-finals or finals. If still tied, a 3 men shoot-out will take place and we’ll go on with 1 player at a time until the tie is broken. NOTE: A player may not shoot a second time until all of his team players have participated.

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