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Montreal never sleeps. A wonder during the day, Montréal becomes supercharged after dark, igniting a fun-loving, welcoming edginess rarely found anywhere else. At microbreweries, jazz bars, dance clubs, live music venues, rooftop terraces and everything in between, rub shoulders with an eclectic mix of professionals, students, musicians, artists and fashionistas from around the world. Start the night early with a “cinq à sept” happy hour pint with locals or sip cocktails with movie stars, go show hopping at a music festival or stay out late dancing to whatever beat moves you.

Free entry at Campus all weekend


At the center of all the action in Montreal's Gay Village for the last 30 years, it is dedicated to relaxation in the warm glow of erotic illusions. Campus offers a variety of dancers but in the main, our afternoon dancers (3 pm to 9 pm) are young, natural and very friendly.

The evening (9 pm to 2 am) features more buffed bodybuilder type of dancers, also very pleasant and friendly, all of whom are here to please your eyes wether on the stage or with a personal dance in the private salon.

Campus has two bars, with clear views on the stage: a large raised central bar directly in front of the stage with a smaller shooter bar off to the side for those in a festive mood. Our friendly staff will do their best to meet all your needs (Well, maybe not ALL your needs).

Ladies welcome every night, not only at Sunday's ladies night.

All participant gets a ticket to keep all weekend and show at the door. 

1 free shooter at your first order.

Campus Strippers Bar

1111 Sainte-Catherine Est (corner Atateken)

Optional dinner - Saturday 8 pm


Down for more social? Let your team captain know, so we may adjust the reservation. ~50 people confirmed so far.

To be confirmed. 

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